iPhone XS Max

Screen Replacement Kit

ID: 1012509

Size: iPhone XS Max
Colour: Black
"You know you can fix that yourself, right?"

Has a shattered phone screen shattered your world? We’ve all been there. iPhone accidents are a part of life — but the repair itself doesn’t take a genius. With replacement parts and the right tools, your phone’s as good as new. No need to rack up charges for “labour.”

TechXS gives you a comprehensive kit to streamline the repair — designed by experts, for beginners.

The kit contains everything you need: parts, tools and instructions to fix your iPhone screen in as little as 20 MINUTES — including a step-by-step video guide tailor-made for your phone type.

Convenient, affordable, and the best way to fix a busted iPhone screen!

Compatible with iPhone models: A1921A2101 and A2102. 

The EasyFix Solution

Everything to ensure you complete your repair with ease.

Want specifics?
  1. A quality tested OLED iPhone screen backed by a Lifetime Warranty. 
  2. All the tools you need to follow our user friendly installation guides. User guides are designed so anyone can complete their iPhone repair just like the experts.
  3. TechXS' custom magnetic screw guide helps you keep track of where you are up to, and all your screws, at all times.
See what's involved

What's included?
  1. Premium iPhone XS Max Replacement Screen
  2. Pentalobe Screw Driver
  3. Tri Point Screw Driver
  4. Plastic Pry Tool
  5. Metal Pry Tool
  6. Pick
  7. Suction Cup
  8. Anti-Static Brush
  9. Water Resistant Seal
  10. TechXS' Custom Magnetic Screw Guide
Things to note

The Face ID Functionality will only work with your iPhone's original Earpiece Speaker and Front Sensor Assembly installed. This is the only small part that needs to be transferred to the new screen. Instructions are included in the installation guides to complete this safely.

True Tone functionality may be lost on the new screen unless the date data can be transferred by the user.

Lifetime Warranty

This product is backed by TechXS Australia's Lifetime Warranty Policy.

All tools included with this product are considered consumables and subject to general wear and tear considerations.

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    • QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and TAS will generally arrive in 3-6 business days
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